Antioch Center (English)

The Antioch Center is a Christian organization which, in partnership with other Christian institutions, serve the churches in Europe in the area of biblical discipleship, Christian education, church leadership, church renewal, and church planting.


Transforming the church in order to transform the world.


The Antioch Center exists to be an instrument of God in changing the church in order to change the world.


European Leader Formation Network is a joint ministry of Leader Formation International (US) and Antioch Center (Romania) which facilitates the formation and transformation of church leaders through various programs and resources.

Under European Leader Formation Network we offer two training programs: Leader-Mentor Network and Leader Formation Network.

Leader-Mentor Network is designed to form leader-mentors capable to form and mentor leaders for the ministry of church leadership. It is one year program delivered in the modular or online format.

Leader Formation Network is a program designed to form leaders’ hearts to lead according to God’s heart for a lasting impact in the hearts of others. It is one year program delivered in the modular or online format.

If you want to receive more information about various programs and resources from the European Leader Formation Network  complete de General Registration Forum here.

Antioch Church Network is a ministry of Romanian-American Mission development in partnership with Antioch Center. Our visioni is a network of missional churches planting missional churches 

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