Champions for Life Primary School (English)

Champions for Life Primary School

Do you know the value of Christian Education?
Champions for Life Primary School was founded by Antioch Center, based on the vision of Dr. Daniel Fodorean ( Fodorean Bio Sketch ) and his wife Felicia. It is a private Christian School serving in Constanta, a key missionary field of Romania during the challenging post-communist time of Romania. Launched in 2011, Champions for Life is a young school, building a new way of education rooted in Biblical, Christian principles and together with our local churches serves in a Missionary role to our city, reaching children and their parents with the Gospel message. Over half of our children are from non-Christian families. We are the only evangelical Christian School in the region, with a radius of 160 miles, a total population of 1,375,923 and 254,693 in Constanta City alone. And all this is in the context of a fairly large Muslim community in our country. There are deep-rooted problems within the public school system in Romania, many of them stemming from years of being under Communist rule. Since the Romanian Revolution in 1989, the Romanian Education System has been and still is, in a continual process of reorganization creating an underlying thread of criticism and lack of trust in the system. And critically in Romania, OPPORTUNITIES FOR PRE-ACADEMIC CHRISTIAN EDUCATION ARE EXTREMELY SCARCE!
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Our Vision
A different generation through a different education.
Our Mission
Champions for Life School exists, along with its workers & families, to shape the values, virtues, and future for today’s generation by proclaiming and practicing Absolute Truth within education.
Our Values
       Absolut Truth
       Respect for the Individual as God’s Creation
       Holistic Education
       Parental Responsibility
       Academic Excellence
       A Transforming Learning Experience
Our Strategy
       Reaching children through education
       Reaching parents through one-to-one relationships, seminars, & counseling
       Reaching non-Christian teachers & educators through seminars
       Reaching other schools through partnerships
Our Programs
      Currently, we have:
        Preschool Program (from ages 2-6)
        Primary Program ( from ages 6-11; currently, first to third grade)
       Afterschool Program
      Extra-curricular programs: Vacation Club, Summer School, Parents Club, Art Center, Science Center        Counseling Center, Sports Center, International Center for culture and communication
Board of Referees
      1.  Mr. Mark Weddington, international missionary;
      2. Dr. William Lawrence, President of Leader Formation International;
      3. Dr. Rob Jackson, pastor of Central Baptist Curch, Decatur, US;
      4. Rev. Daniel Bara, pastor of Emmaus Church Birmingham, UK;

How Can You Partner With Us?
You can make a difference helping us to lay a new path of education by:
  Prayer
We believe prayer is essential in education. If you would like to become a prayer partner together with us at Champions of Life, please fill in the Champions for Life Partner Form.  We will send you information and prayer requests monthly.
  Inspired Resources
The nation of Romania has neither history nor tradition of Christian Education and therefore no such development in curriculum or programs, especially at the pre-school level. You can help us with:
  •  Your expertise and experience in Christian Education! Please share your philosophy curriculum, ideas, and methods!
  • Creative ideas for school activities or programs!
  • Activities, programs or curriculum that could be translated and used in Romania!
  Going
You could join us for a week, a month or more at the school:
  • Come and teach as a voluntary teacher!
  • Take a missions trip to Romania and take part in a “Champions for Life” Summer (School) Outreach  Program, with Gospel teaching, fellowship and fun!
  • Training, speaking and sharing the Gospel at a Christian Education Seminar, attended by both Christian and non-Christian educators!
You could support Champions for Life School by giving in 2 ways:
Practical resources such as:
  • Toys & games for the children;
  • Books, for the children & our teachers!(Teaching resources, reading books, activity books, coloring  books);
  •  Educational material & stationary supplies, whiteboards;
  •  Surplus I.T. equipment.


Scholarships Fund  –  „Invest in a Child”

 → Minister Scholarships

This scholarship is financial assistance to children of missionaries and pastors. Usually, a minister’s  salary is low and is not sufficient to cover the full cost for their children in order to study at a Christian School. It would be a great blessing to help their children.

Scholarships for Families with Low-Income 

This is financial aid offered to children from disadvantaged families but with great potential for development. According to a report by the European Union in 2016, in Romania, extreme poverty still exists: 40.4% (Philip Alston) of the population lives at risk of poverty and social exclusion, and among children – 51% (Eurostat, an institution of the European Commission dealing with statistics, „People at risk of poverty or social exclusion by age and sex”). Poverty and domestic responsibilities no longer allow children to complete compulsory education so that over 37% of people aged over 15 years reach functional illiteracy: do not understand what they read or can not write properly. Help us to change this situation.

        → Outreach Scholarships

This represents a financial support to children from families unreached which have an opening to the Gospel or they and their families represent a strategic opportunity for Evangelization (ethnic and religious groups, such as Muslims, etc.).

        → IQ Scholarships

This is financial assistance to children with very good results at school and has a great intelligence. We want to encourage and reward academic performance.

The full cost of a child’s education, including meals and transportation, varies from $ 174 (158 euro) to $ 210 (191 euro) per month. Your support to cover the full or partial cost of a child’s education is very much appreciated. Please fill in the Champions for Life Partner Form from below.

Summer Outreach Program/ Summer School

Summer is a great opportunity to take the Gospel message and reach many children, not only from our School but also from outside the school. If you’re unable to join us at “Champions for Life” in Romania, you could help support financially a Summer Outreach Program or seminar!

♦ Building the Antioch Educational Center!

Our Preschool Program began and still continues to be run from the Fodorean family home, wich was converted, registered and recognized by the educational authority as a preschool education center. The primary school is located at Nova Vita Church (New Life Church). Our school has grown and no longer has sufficient space, and therefore in the order to receive more students and also to quality for further educational accreditation, we must upgrade and expand. Together with „Nova Vita” Church (New Life Church), we want to build Antioch Educational Center.  Antioch Educational Center will host Champions for Life Primary School and Antioch Center church leadership training programs.

      Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us here at Champions for Life? If you would like to partner with us by helping or support this ministry in any way, please fill in the  Champions for Life Partner Form.


Contact Information:
Asociatia Centrul Antiohia – Scoala Primara „Champions for Life”
ADDRESS: Alexandru Alexandridi 16
Constanta, Romania, 900367
Phone: +40 (0)748 10 80 80
E-mail:; (Daniel Fodorean)
You can find us on facebook:

If you would like to make a donation:
Direct to our bank account:
Bank Address: Bld. Mamaia Nr. 69, Bl. TL1, Constanta, Romania
Phone: +40.374.34.5000/ Fax: +40.374.34.5020
Bank Account: RO80 BRMA 0141 0150 8603 0000 (Dollars)

Donate using Paypal:

For Tax Deductable in the US:

Please make your check to RAM and mail it to the following address:
Romanian-American Mission
2801 Hwy 31 South
Decatur, AL 35603
Important: Romanian-American Mission will honor your designation of the donation and send the funds to Champions for Life Primary School. However, for your donation to qualify as tax-deductible, please DO NOT WRITE ON THE CHECK the designation of the donation! Write what you donate the funds for on a separate note and include that note in the envelope with the check!Please also know that 10% of the donated amount will be used for processing, Bank and international wire fees and 90% of the amount you donated will arrive in the Champions for Life Primary School’s account in Constanta, Romania.